kunstort ELEVEN artspace — in Germany!

How crazy is that? My opinion is that it is very crazy. Crazed even.

I’ve had this dream of traveling to Europe for years but money or school was always an issue. I’ve also wanted a residency since school was out and just wanted time to produce some cool stuff. This is a fantastic opportunity that’s really a combination of so many things that couldn’t come at a better time.

I was planning on taking some additional classes for the fall, but then, I thought, maybe that money could be better spent on some real-life learning experiences.

I need to thank everyone who encouraged and supported me, specifically Sam Shahsahabi,  Riaz Mehmood, and of course my friends and family.


What is the residency?

I can’t say too much related to specifics. It is a communal living experience, described much like a hostel with shared sleeping and eating. No WIFI, as someone who isn’t going to buy a 30 day data plan, that means no internet unless I visit a library or cafe.

The town where the residency is located has about 750 people, the residency itself is located at the end of a long road off in the woods, the town has a pub, and I can catch a bus to Stuttgart if I need to get to a city. It promises to be a unique experience.


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